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The Journey IS The Destination

The Journey IS The Destination

After many years of dreaming and planning, David and Jennifer finally checked “Machu Picchu” off the old Bucket List.  In fact, they also checked off “Amazon River,” “Cordillera Blanca,” and “Galapagos Islands” at the same time!

When David was growing up, his family had a saying: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” But on the four day trek to Machu Picchu he learned that “The Journey IS the Destination.”

Now back home, reflecting on what life’s really about, David is even stronger in his belief that it’s the legacy we leave, the experiences we create, and most importantly the relationships we build along the way.

All too often we are focused on the future and forget to “be here now.” Seeing Machu Picchu in the morning mist, hiking among 20-thousand foot peaks, and swimming with ancient sea turtles makes it near impossible to do anything else.