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The Big Five-Oh, and why Getting Older Does Not Suck

The Big Five-Oh, and why Getting Older Does Not Suck

David recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday at his home in the mountains, surrounded by a lifetime of friends, family, and loved ones. After the party quieted down and all the guests had left, David thought “what does it mean to be 50?”

It’s two months later and David has been too busy to reflect on what the big Five-Oh is all about, and so he delegated the task to me – his twenty three year old assistant. I did what any good millennial would do, and decided to google it. This is what the internet tells me about being fifty:

  • You know yourself
  • You are an empty-nester, or getting close to it
  • Your parents are aging or have already passed away
  • You’ve worked hard, and you play hard!
  • You’ve done a lot
  • There is a lot more left to do
  • You are, perhaps, going through a midlife crisis
  • You are strong. Life has knocked you around and you’re still standing
  • You have some aches and pains, some wrinkles, some weight gain, some grey hair (or no hair), and perhaps for the first time in your life you have started to think seriously about death and dying… or you actively avoid thinking about it.
  • This scares you. You buy life insurance, you write an estate plan, and reflect on your life’s direction and legacy.

Finally, and most importantly, Getting Older Does Not Suck. You have hit a sweet spot where you are established, strong, surrounded by a lifetime of friendships, connections, and accomplishments, and besides, you’re really not that old! Yes, reflect on death, but also embrace the life you have lived so far, and cherish the life you have left.

And, because I can’t resist thinking about it – let us help you secure the legacy you want to leave for your family, friends, and community. Want to have a more in-depth discussion about the legal implications of growing old? Ask us about Estate Planning and Legal-Life Coaching.