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Death Happens...

Death Happens…

In the spirit of Halloween – of skeletons, ghosts, and cob-webbed graveyards – let’s chat a bit about the afterlife, shall we?

Whether you plan to come back as a zombie, ghost, goon or ghoul, you will first have to dispose of your earthly remains (after you’ve left the realm of the living). Most will choose from the traditional options of burial or cremation, with the body or ashes interred at a cemetery, held in an urn, or scattered to the wind.

But is there any another way? We’ve dug up some interesting alternatives….


Ascension Scattering: Become the Sky

If the idea of being confined in the earth seems claustrophobic to you, why not take to the sky? Colorado based business Aerial Tribute uses an eco-friendly, graceful Sailplane glider to release ashes into exceptionally strong thermal drafts along the Rockies. Think of the way a hawk lazily circles in the sky, rising higher and higher – these same strong currents of air carry the ashes into the upper atmosphere, where they can remain indefinitely, and travel through jet streams around the world! Aerial Tribute provides options for personalization, including music requests, having the pilot read passages from family members, and scattering rice-paper prayers with the ashes at release.


Bios Urn: Come Back to Life Through Nature

If you don’t like the idea of spending your afterlife haunting a graveyard, perhaps you’d rather come back in some other way… The Bios Urn brings your ashes to life as a tree. Using a 100% biodegradable urn containing your ashes, soil, water and a seed, you can return as a leafy Maple, a hardy Pine, or a tree of your choosing. The Urn can be planted wherever you like, providing an alternative monument in place of a gravestone. The tree will continue to grow with the loved ones you leave behind, from a little green sprout for your children to nurture, to a full grown tree that your grandchildren’s children can play under. The Bios Urn emphasizes sustainability and environmental responsibility, giving you a chance to literally give back to nature.


However you want to address your last remains, we’re here to help. Your memorial instructions are an important piece of your estate plan. These documents ensure that you will rest in peace, wherever or however you choose to do so.