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Legacy Coaching

Legacy Coaching

We believe attorneys should be considered Counselors at Law, and David is a true testament to this, having gone through powerful transformations of his own. The Rules of Professional Conduct that govern attorneys contain Rule 2.1, the “Rule of Advisor,” which states that attorneys should go beyond the strictly legal to consider the moral, economic, social, and political factors that impact our clients.

We can help you with straightforward legal matters from estate planning to real estate, but we can also spend time delving into issues that go beyond legal implications and fulfill our role as Counselor.

David’s one-of-a-kind perspective stems from multiple near-death experiences as a child and adult. David has come face to face with death and deeply understands the importance of leaving a legacy behind. His varied background and 20+ years of legal experience provides him with the ability to take a bird’s eye view of the social, financial, and legal implications of important life decisions.

David offers a multidimensional approach to guiding people through various crossroads, providing legal help, coupled with the ability to counsel on growth, integrity, and excellence.