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Here's what our clients are saying about Perlick Legal Counsel

Mother with Estate Planning Needs
“David helped me through the maze of estate planning by getting to know my family members, my businesses and my real estate. He sees the whole picture and is willing to take the time to hear my questions and patiently explain things. We’ve worked together on numerous projects and I have the comfort of knowing he’s there whenever I may need him.”

Eileen Callaway, Boulder, Colorado

Daughter with Probate and Trust Administration Needs
“My father died in 2009, after fighting cancer. David was at the funeral to meet me and my children, and has been there ever since. He took care of Colorado probate, helped me close dad’s medical practice, and hired out-of-state attorneys for the non-Colorado properties. David’s accountant friends handle the annual trust filings. It’s a process I wouldn’t handle on my own.”

Beth Armstrong, McMinnville, Oregon

Entrepreneur with Business and Estate Needs
“Quite simply, David demonstrates the rare ability of seeing the ‘big picture’ from multiple perspectives required to enhance my business objectives. Unique amongst attorneys, David recognizes my entrepreneurial skills and weaknesses while introducing objectivity to how I operate my businesses. During the course of my more than 30-years of entrepreneurship I have dealt with all too many attorneys who failed to comprehend the best interests of me and my businesses, that is until I began working with David Perlick. David has also become a personal resource and is available to provide his support and objectivity to all of my endeavors. Therein he lends pragmatic focus to my entrepreneurial mind and has become the person I rely upon as the sounding board for all of my endeavors.”

C. Stephen Keller, Founder/CEO, Woodhouse Post and Beam, Inc. - The Murus Company - Boulder, Colorado

President of Executive Coaching Company
“I first came to David to help me with some business legal matters and within minutes, he was providing more than I ever expected from a lawyer. We discussed my current business model and what I envisioned, and he began coaching me. He asked questions and provided insights I had never considered. The uniqueness to David’s style is that he is coming from a business and legal perspective and then weaving that into a coaching process. I made some immediate changes in my business planning and felt that his coaching and advice were highly credible and tangible given they are rooted in real business experience. As a coach myself, I find his style wonderfully refreshing given the combination of his skills and expertise.”

Suzanne Levy, President, Bolder Leadership, Inc. - Leadership Development and Executive Coaching - Boulder, Colorado

Family With Multiple Core Area Legal Needs
“Our family has been a client of David’s for more than a decade. We have confidently relied on him for estate planning and help with our real estate, nonprofit, and for-profit businesses. Expertise, integrity and caring are why we chose David, and why we continue to work with him again and again.”

Aricia LaFrance, Marketing and Career Consulting - Satchi Fudge - Westminster, Colorado

Founder and CEO of Wellness Company
“If you are looking for just a lawyer, then you can find thousands of them. But if you are looking for a true business partner who will look out for your company’s best interests from a business, tactical, strategic and legal standpoint than you need to work with David and his team. I could go on and on about David as a person and business partner. But let me sum it up like this: if I was told I had to pick 5 people who I have ever worked with in my career to go to battle with on an exciting business opportunity David would be on the list. He is bright, he is a hard worker, he is candid and tells you the facts, he is ethical and he truly cares about his clients and their best interests.”

Jonathan Roche, Founder/CEO, Breakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions, Inc. - Broomfield, Colorado
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