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Protecting Your Kids – Kindergarten to College

Labor day marks the end of summer, and back to school for the kiddos. With both daughters now in high school, David watched with pride (and trepidation) as they left together for their first day – his oldest in the driver’s seat! As parents, we’ll do anything and everything to protect our children. When they’re...
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The Journey IS The Destination

After many years of dreaming and planning, David and Jennifer finally checked “Machu Picchu” off the old Bucket List.  In fact, they also checked off “Amazon River,” “Cordillera Blanca,” and “Galapagos Islands” at the same time! When David was growing up, his family had a saying: “Life is a journey, not a destination.” But on...
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UnFunded Trusts and the Cost of Oversight

Jack Straw* from Wichita thought he had all of his affairs in order – he’d written a will, created a revocable trust, and appointed his wife Shannon as his personal representative and trustee. When Jack passed away Shannon took on the burdensome task of managing Jack’s Estate. Everything was moving smoothly until she realized that Jack’s Colorado...
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The Big Five-Oh, and why Getting Older Does Not Suck

David recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday at his home in the mountains, surrounded by a lifetime of friends, family, and loved ones. After the party quieted down and all the guests had left, David thought “what does it mean to be 50?” It’s two months later and David has been too busy to reflect on what the big...
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PLC Holiday Card 2014

Happy Belated Leap Day from Machu Picchu!

Ok, so David and Jennifer aren’t actually *there* yet, but they will be taking a leap and traveling to Machu Picchu this summer, fulfilling a lifelong dream and checking the five-day Inca Trail trek off the old Bucket List. Why Machu Picchu? Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage site, the greatest accomplishment of the Inca Empire, and one...
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Welcome to Our New Website!

Hi friends! Welcome to Perlick Legal Counsel’s brand new website, Take your time and peruse around. Our commitment to providing superior legal service has stayed the same, while the face of our business has a fresh, new look. Many of you may be familiar with the legal services we offer. Our practice coins the...
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